On 14th September 2020, AgroRES partners had an online progress meeting which covered activities that were implemented in the previous project semester (02-07/2020) and planned project's next steps.

At the beginning of the meeting, each partner area explained how the Covid19-pandemic is affecting their work at the moment. Some  partners are still working from home and majority of the countries involved in the project have travel restrictions which affect also business trips. Based on the discussion, it was agreed that the 2nd Interregional Event taking place in October will be held online. Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland, is responsible for organising it and has welcomed all partners to visit their region once the pandemic has subsided.

After this, project lead partner, AGENEX, reminded the partnership about tasks that need to be completed in the current semester (8/2020-1/2021). In this period, the project will publish its Good Practice guidebook containing altogether 70 successful examples of renewable energy investments in agricultural and rural areas. Another important task ahead is to complete regional self-assessments in each partner region. ARSIAL coordinates this activity in which partners study the use of  renewable energy for agriculture in their regions. They will draw a clear map on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats connected to RES in agriculture. This means, that they will not only study the current situation, but also the potential and resources that exist in each region. As the natural resources are different in each area, the self-assessment must identify which RES are most cost-effective and have the highest potential. These analyses provide a good starting point for possible good practice transfers and policy improvements.