Project partners and stakeholders visited Finca La Orden where they learned about different projects that CICYTEX has developed concerning the renewable energies in agricultural sector as biogas or biomass. 

CICYTEX aims to support the Extremadura agricultural sector in the field of RD&I, developing projects adjusted to the needs of the field, investing in the training of the personal researcher, supporting the agricultural company and betting on the transfer of knowledge generated in its facilities. 

Finca La Orden, through different projects co-financed with public grant, is  investigating the possibilities of obtaining biogas from waste from the farming and meat industry, determining the methane potential of each waste by testing in the laboratory and in the pilot plant for use of biogas. 

Another project of CICYTEX involves the use of residual biomass  and waste from crops to obtain solid biofuel in the form of pellets and chips. In addition, they focus on obtaining filaments for 3D printing using organic products.

Finally, partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to see the biomass boilers  that generate heating for the CICYTEX main building. One of the boilers is a prototype that produces heating and electricity employing a Stirling engine.