Individuals and organisations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon emissions, offsetting will have to play its part. Carbon offsetting markets are growing every year, and this looks set to only increase as we near 2030 when many organisations have set ambitious net zero targets. For example, Devon County Council has a target of achieving net zero by 2030 with no more than 30% of this through carbon off-setting.

The agricultural sector can provide a carbon offsetting service through the locking of carbon into the soil. This has a double benefit as the practices required to lock carbon in the soil can reduce the farm running costs and increase productivity.  

This webinar looks at the challenge and the benefits of capturing soil carbon and how this can be monitored and turned into a marketable service for others. Delegates will be able to hear from speakers involved in soil carbon capture and turning this into an income generating service. 


  • Rebecca Michell - Programme Director MSc Business Analytics and Senior lecturer, Exeter University 
  • Marcus Link – CEO, New Foundations Farm
  • Becky Wilson – Project Officer, Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit,
  • Dr Laurence Couldrick – CEO, West Country Rivers Trust