In the third project semester, the AgroRES partner regions compile self-assessment documents on investments and use of renewable energies in their agricultural sector and rural areas. The general purpose of the document is to describe the situation in each partner region and to analyse the future potential they have regarding renewable energy use.

The self-assessment document, with an indicative length of 20 pages, should analyse the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats connected to the spread of renewable energy in agriculture as well as predict the future development of renewable energy use in farms. As natural resources are different in each region, the partner regions need to identify which RES are more cost-effective and have the greatest potential, i.e. which RES should be actively promoted.  

To achieve these purposes, the self-assessment document is divided into following paragraphs:

  • Regional socio-economic framework 
  • Evolution of renewable energy production and use in agriculture and rural communities
  • Local policies and actions to support production and consumption of energy from renewable sources 
  • Risks and opportunities associated with the spread of renewable energy in agriculture 

These self-assessment documents will be published in the beginning of 2021. With their help, partner regions can plan activities which have greater impact and are best suited for their regions.