The regional dissemination event in Płońsk (Mazovia Region, Poland) took place November 30th, 2018 in the premises of the Mazovia Science and Technological Park in Płońsk. The event consisted of two parts: presentations and a workshop.

During the first part Ms Agata Sosińska, President of the Mazovia Science and Technological Park put the participants in the picture of the cooperation opportunities offered by the sectoral cooperation platforms as well as the offer of the Park.  

As an example of good practices in the field of innovation corresponding with agri-food sector a Warsaw University spin-off BACTrem has been presented. The company developes new biotechnologies using helpful types of bacteria for decomposition of hazardous substances and waste (biodegradation), among others liquidation of petroleum contamination and deactivation of heavy metals (bioremediation).

Representatives of the Marshal Office of Mazowieckie Voivodeship together with ARMSA presented the Agrirenaissance project, made the participants familiar with the current situation of the agri-food sector in La Rioja Region (on the basis of the kick-off meeting and the peer review report) and, last but not least, moderated a workshop aiming to elaborate the challenges that the agri-food sector in the Mazovia Region is currently facing. The results of this discussion will contribute to develop the Regional Diagnosis Report of the sector.