«AgriRenaissance: Reinventing the future of La Rioja’ s agri-food sector» is the title chosen for the informative workshop held on October 31st in the Technological Center of La Rioja (La Fombera, Avda. de Zaragoza, 21). This workshop aimed at disseminating the objectives of this Interreg Europe-financed Project, which seeks improving regional policies and development programs in order to increase and optimize R&D&I sector’ s resources and capacities, promoting collaboration and encouraging the implementation of strategic technologies such as ICT or Biotechnology.
La Rioja Government, through the DG of Agriculture and Livestock and DG of Innovation, Labor, Industry and Trade, leads this Project, which will last for 4 years and where the Agri-food Technological Center (Ctic Cita), Mazovia Development Agency Plc, and Mazovia Government (Poland), Lithuania’s Agriculture Ministry, Calabria Government (Italy), and the Portuguese cluster ANIMAFORUM are involved.

The inter-regional learning process will be developed around three thematic areas: R&D&I infrastructures and capacities, public-private R&D&I collaboration, and agri-food sector hybridization with other sectors within and between regions.
The workshop was attended by nearly 50 attendees from different areas of the sector and, after the workshop and within the scope of the project, the Delegate Committee of the Agri-food Sector of La Rioja was held. This Committee, created one year ago and dependent on La Rioja’s R&D&I Council, involves the main agents of the La Rioja’s Innovation System and was summoned on the same day part for the preparation of a diagnostic survey of the situation of the sector, with the aim of identifying opportunities to define an action plan in order to promote future policies to strengthen the agri food sector.