At the Faculty of Organization and Informatics of University of Zagreb the presentation of the new Interreg Europe project ABCitiEs led to important support of regional partners in Zagreb.

For Zagreb and the conurbation Varazdin -Cakovec, the special regional aim of the ABCitiEs project is promoting good practice appraisals and to prepare business models that will bring historic core competitions to new shopping and service centers outside the city center, which, along with other activities, are the core functions of city administration and higher education institutions. The Faculty of Organization and Informatics of Zagreb, the City of Varaždin and the City of Čakovec as partners participate in the ABCitiEs project. 

At the conference on project activities and the roles of partners the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, the City of Varaždin and the City of Čakovec  spoke about the character and purpose of the project:

Prof. dr. sc. Nina Begičević Ređep welcomed the audience on behalf of the Faculty and emphasized the importance of the FOI project. Project Manager at FOI prof. dr. sc. Vjeran Strahonja has repeatedly emphasized the motivation for entering the project, and the need to revitalize the city's nuclei that are becoming more and more dead in a social and economic sense, whereby Varazdin and Čakovec share the destiny of many European cities.

Varaždin Deputy Mayor Sandra Malenica emphasized the importance of the project for Varaždin, and made a connection with some of the activities that have been started and projects to revive the city's historical core. The mayor of Čakovec, Stjepan Kovač, stressed the belief that ideas that will be considered within the project has to be in line with the needs of citizens and entrepreneurs, and that some of the project ideas related to areas that are being updated in public discussions.

The kick off conference gained a lot of interest, because of the attendance and support of deputy mayor of City of Varazdin and mayor of City of Cakovec, and the importance of the project for the region.