Interreg Europe organises a series of project seminars on 21-23 January 2020 in Budapest (Hungary). The seminars are primarily targeted at lead partners, finance managers and communication managers of projects approved in the fourth call. 

Seminar on finance reporting

The seminar on finance reporting (21 January) covers information and updates on financial reporting and control procedures and requirements related to the management of Interreg Europe projects. It offers also an opportunity to exchange on this matter with the joint secretariat and financial managers and first level controllers of other projects. The seminar is targeted at lead partners, lead partner finance managers and lead partner’s first level controllers of Interreg Europe projects.

Seminar on activities and results

The seminar on activities and results (22 January) focuses on activity reporting, including both theory and practice. In addition to learning about the expectations and requirements related to reporting of project activities, good practices and results, the participants will also get useful tips and practical advice from other experienced lead partners. The seminar is targeted at lead partners of Interreg Europe projects.

Seminar on communication

The seminar on communication (23 January) provides guidance on the Interreg Europe publicity requirements, as well as some helpful advice and tips for making project communication activities as effective and attractive as possible. The seminar includes practical training on developing your project's story, media relations, and online presence. It is targeted at lead partners and communication managers of Interreg Europe projects. 

Who should participate?

The seminars are for fourth call Interreg Europe projects. Participation in the seminars is by invitation only.

Participation is limited to two project representatives per seminar, including in principle:

  • the lead partner and the finance manager for the seminar on finance reporting (21 January) and the seminar on activities and results (22 January)
  • the lead partner and the communication manager for the seminar on communication (23 January)

All attendees have to sign in to the Interreg Europe community in order to register for the event. 

As the capacity and profile of participants is limited, all registrations will be screened prior to approval. Places are allocated according to the first come, first served principle, i.e. in the order that registrations arrive. Please wait for the confirmation of your approved registration before making any travel arrangements.

For approved participants, your participation costs (travel and accommodation) for the seminars are fully eligible to European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and can be reported, together with the activity, in the next progress report.

In case you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.

The registration is now closed. 

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