The fourth local stakeholder group meeting has been held on 21st September. 21 participants were present representing 14 different stakeholders from public administration, digital agency, employment agencies, training centres, industry and company federation to ministerial office.

The group has completed the description of Wallonia ecosystem in regard to Industry 4.0 policy. It's important to highlight the approval by the government of Wallonia Industry 4.0 strategy: "Industrie du futur 2020-2024" as well as the new skills Walloon strategy "Wallonie Compétences d'avenir".

In the second part of the meeting, the Walloon public policy to be chosen for improvement by Interreg 4.0 Ready project was discussed. Everyone agreed on choosing the pedagogical demonstrator and to work on how to improve the audience to SME and private companies. The demonstrators are supported by ERDF funds and also are the original policy that was chosen in the Interreg application form. On the second hand, it was decided to choose another policy for improvement while the project has been carrying on. No final decision was made but the possibility of working on a common training catalogue in order to improve visibility seemed very promising.

Finally, the call for exchange of experience from Tuscany was relayed to the local stakeholder group. The next steps will consist of choosing the second Walloon policy to improve, discussing how to improve the demonstrators and to begin to draft the Walloon action plan.

Below a picture taken during the virtual stakeholders meeting.