The Marshal's Office of Silesia Region, as part of the exchange of good practices and ongoing bilateral meetings, organized a virtual study visit (online) at EMT Systems that will take place on February 11 at 12:30.

EMT-Systems is the largest and most comprehensive technical training center in Poland, specializing in the organization of courses and training in the field of mechatronics and broadly understood engineering techniques.

It has been operating on the training market since 2006. It proposes an innovative approach to the system of training engineering and technical staff in industrial sectors. It constructs comprehensive training, focused on machine and device maintenance staff as well as designers working in various CAD / CAM / CAE environments.

EMT-Systems is the winner of the Golden Eagles of Education 2020: A nationwide plebiscite selects those entrepreneurs who are distinguished by the highest quality of services provided on the Polish market.

Different pieces of training are conducted using the latest scientific achievements with the use of modern teaching methods. They are carried out in laboratories and training rooms equipped with professional equipment and teaching aids. The training is carried out in the form of technical workshops and lectures. Participants, under the supervision of the instructor, have access to advanced equipment, devices and systems used in the given training. During the classes, numerous tasks and practical exercises are performed, helping to acquire the necessary technical skills.

During the scheduled meeting, EMT Systems experts will present their experiences to 40Ready projects’ partners, will show laboratories and talk about their activities. In this regards, an interesting ETM's presentation video was shown. 

Besides, a catalogue of available training courses offered by the EMT-Systems is available here.