Computer donation campaign so that all children can have access to an online education.

Emulsa Medioambiente, the Municipal Company of Urban Environmental Services of Gijón, within the framework of the European Week of Waste Reduction (EWWR) 2020, organised a collection of used computers to be refurbished and later, donated to students. The aim was to reduce the social and technological gap between youngsters, especially in these times of pandemic crisis when most schools offer online teaching.

Between 21 - 29 November, people who had working computer devices they were no longer using, could donate them in different to locations in Gijón to be refurbished (completely refreshed and a new operating system installed) and incorporated into the [email protected] initiative. The company in charge of the refurbishment of the computers, Hacedores and Maker, a non-profit association, will give these renewed computers to students in need in Gijón.

The objectives of this action were to help vulnerable populations, reduce waste, raise awareness about reusing and publicising the Reusapp application for mobile phones that encourages free exchange between individuals of toys and small electrical and electronic devices in Gijón. EMULSA invited all the schools of Gijón to collaborate in this collection campaign with solidarity purposes which are also highlighted within the European 2LIFES project led by the municipal company. 

Other actions that EMULSA carried out during the European Waste Prevention Week were the promotion of ReusApp, so to publicise and promote the app in order to encourage people to reuse. In this context, a "special offer" was launched, increasing the number of objects that could be picked up in return for the donation: “Two for one offer” . An information campaign was also launched regarding the free door-to-door collection service for furniture in Gijón; furniture to be reused when in good condition through EMAUSµRiquirraque and recycled if it is in poor condition.  

The separation of organic waste in brown containers and the pilot project of garden waste from pruning and mowing in the Eastern rural area of Gijón were also the subject of dissemination actions during the European Waste Prevention Week. 

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