Online Textile Picnic to raise awareness on the need to be environmentally conscious about clothes and textiles!

Bring a mug of coffee, tea or a glass of your favorite drink, sit down on your blanket and listen to our speakers discuss sustainable fashion and conscious clothing shopping:

  • why it is important to dress consciously and bearing re-use in mind
  • how to keep your wardrobe sustainable: what to pay attention to and why
  • how to find your own style and colours
  • how a wardrobe change works
  • how you can playfully and creatively change your clothing shopping habits 



  • Balázs Kata Tóthné, Sárréti Ecocircle
  • Timi Kecskés, who? - You & Mi
  • Decsi-Fodor Mariann, MZS Style
  • Kriszti Virág, Mum Goes Green
  • Lippai Kitti, Who? - You & Mi
  • Moderator: Márton Hanti, Táska Rádió 

The event takes place on Demio’s proprietary webinar interface, free but subject to registration, for which we provide exclusive content related to the topic of sustainable dressing.

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