The 2050 CliMobCity project will have its kick-off meeting on 30 September & 1 October 2019. As part of this meeting three interesting site visits are scheduled:

  1. Visit to the worlds' largest bicycle parking garage at Utrecht Central railway station: a unique facility not only because of its capacity (12.500 bikes), but also because of its design and usability. A great facilitator to support biking and intermodal rail transport.
  2. Visit to the company LomboXnet (Utrecht): the consortium will hear about the long term policy on electric mobility of the municipality Utrecht, and will get to know and see the innovative charging infrastructure of LomboXnet (smart solar charging). 
  3. Visit to the city district IJburg (Amsterdam): this city district offers a good example of how area development and mobility are planned hand in hand to realise a sustainable, climate-friendly urban development.