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Jump on board for a less-waste world


The EWWR will present its 13th edition during #EURegionsweek. Join the event...

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Pop-up container reaches Maribor


Maribor delivers on its Action Plan with the organisation of a pop-up container!

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Italian students discovered WINPOL


A group of 15 Italian student visited EMULSA to learn about European projects,...

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Gijón, Maribor, and Crete endorse their Action Plan


Discover the details of three Action Plans: Gijón, Maribor, and the Region of...

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A digital waste management?


The European Environement Agency released a briefing on digital technologies and...

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Guidelines on waste collection include COVID section


COLLECTORS updated its guidelines on waste collection to include a new part on...

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Towards sustainable batteries in EU


Sustainable batteries for a circular and climate neutral economy

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WINPOL Good Practices Guide now in Slovenian


It is also possible to browse the WINPOL Good Practices Guide in Slovenian!

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WINPOL Good Practices Guide in Spanish


The WINPOL Good Practices Guide is now available in Spanish!

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A new leaflet to launch WINPOL's second phase


WINPOL is now officially starting its second phase and published a second...

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Action Plans are out!


WINPOL achieved an important milestone with the preparation of six Action Plans...

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What's next in this Phase 2


What will WINPOL partners do, now that Phase 1 is over? Easy, they will start...

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