Second spanish regional stakeholder meeting was held last July 28th. The meeting, promoted by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) as a partner of the project, aimed to inform the stakeholders about the status of the project and to present the good practices shared by the rest of the partners within the project.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the following entities as SMEplus project stakeholders:

  • Regional Directorate for Energetic Transition and Climate Change
  • Regional Directorate of European Funds and the Office in Brussels (online via Zoom)
  • Business Federation of La Rioja (FER)
  • Professional Association of Electric and Renewable Energy Installators (AIER)
  • National Association of Producers of Photovoltaic Energy (ANPIER)

The Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja also participates as a stakeholder in the project but due to agenda problems could not attend the meeting.

During the meeting, the stakeholders were informed about the status of the project and presented their entities and experiences (present, past and future) in relation to energy efficiency in SMEs. The good practices shared within the project by the other European partners were also presented.

This meeting is the second of several in which the stakeholders working group is structured for the elaboration of the action plan and which will be extended throughout the first part of Semester 5. During these meetings, stakeholders will review and discuss good practices and experiences to help SME's to improve energy efficiency with the aim of developing the action plan to improve the policy instrument on energy efficiency in SMEs.