The 2nd LSG meeting of SinCE-AFC project took place online due to the restrictions of COVID-19. ANATOLIKI SA, with the cooperation of the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia host the meeting on Tuesday June 2nd 2020. 
The first part of the meeting started with listing the activities of the project implemented so far in Greece. Furthermore, the representative of ANATOLIKI presented selected good practices identified in all partners’ countries, as well as how COVID-19 affected the agro-food chain.
The 3rd good practice identified in the Region of Central Macedonia after ‘Social Plate’ and ‘One Stop Liaison Office’ presented by the representative of ‘Oikotechnia Gropalis’ an agricultural SME. The enterprise implements circular economy activities including the use of pruning and peach kernels for producing energy, the use of glass instead of plastic packaging and their return to the customers for reusing them, as well as the use of product residues for compost production and animals feeding.   
The 4th good practice presented by the representative of ‘Bioscoop’ which is a social and consumer cooperative in Thessaloniki. The cooperative implements multiple circular economy activities including equipment reusing, food and pallets donation and packaging reusing.
During the 2nd part of the meeting the representative of the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia presented the integrated circular economy plan of the Region. Moreover, the representative of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki presented the new EU Action Plan of circular economy. Finally, another representative of ANATOLIKI presented the questionnaire concerning the needs and perspectives of circular economy developed in the context of SinCE-AFC project targeted to the stakeholders.
More than 20 representatives of municipalities, regions, universities, associations and chambers attended the meeting.