The 2nd meeting of the Wielkopolska Stakeholder Group of SinCE-AFC project took place on 13.10.2020 at 10:00 in the form of a teleconference using the ZOOM platform. All five entities of the SinCE-AFC project stakeholder list and four entities wishing to join the project were invited to participate in the meeting. However, the meeting was attended only by two new stakeholders who declared active remote participation despite the pandemic situation.
All guests were welcomed by Mrs. Alicja Nowak, the regional project coordinator, who led the meeting. Magdalena Salewicz from the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, who was also the host of the Zoom platform at this meeting, also participated in the meeting.
During the meeting, the subject of the project was introduced to the participants, the requirements of the Interreg Europa program were presented, and the framework plan of tasks in the project and issues related to cooperation within the regional group of stakeholders were briefly discussed. In the second part of the meeting, the issue of sustainable production in detail in the context of sharing good practices between representatives of Local Stakeholder Groups of partner regions during a study visit to Bologna, was presented. The third part of the meeting was devoted to the summary of the study visit to Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region in February 2020. The discussion focused mainly on the issue of cooperation within the Wielkopolska Stakeholder Group and the directions in which this cooperation should form in the coming difficult months due to the further restrictions in the fight against the spreading of virus as well as financial difficulties and the struggle for the survival of the catering industry due to the pandemic.