IUC ASIA Meeting - Final Stakeholders Consultation Webinar: Designing Circular Cities in Malaysia

The webinar discussed the top five common challenges Malaysian cities are facing in their transition towards circular economy, namely (1) Food, organic waste & water security; (2) Plastic pollution and packaging (in particular single use plastics); (3) Construction material flow and design (including demolition waste); (4) Household e-waste & hazardous waste; and (5) Lack of digital sharing tools & platforms as enabler for circular cities.
Experts from the EU side were invited to share how their city councils & municipalities have managed to tackle the above-mentioned challenges collectively and how financing circularity will assist these Malaysian cities acting as potential engines in the transition to circular, sustainable economy and how it opens the way to emerging industries and new jobs with higher added value.
During the event Mr. Marino Cavallo (Head of Research, Innovation and Management of EU Projects Office in Metropolitan City of Bologna) showed Bologna's strategy to approach and overcome the challenges of food, organic waste and water security thanks to the promotion of circular economy principles in agri-food sector while presenting the main elements of SinCE-AFC project: programme; funding obtained; duration; main objectives; partnership; role of associated partners; main work packages foreseen; key responsibility; ongoing results; good practices identified.