On July 2, 2020, the Regional Development Agency S.A organised its fourth stakeholders meeting in Zielona Gora, Poland. The meeting gathered representatives of local government bodies and business support institutions interested in the principles and objectives of SILVER SMEs.

SILVER SMEs’ activities and progress

During the meeting Hanna Nowicka - President of the Agency’s Board presented the main goals of the project and the key results expected. Mariola Dobosz, SILVER SMEs Project Manager within the Agency, also provided stakeholders with feedback from SILVER SMEs’ last meeting and study visit in Cork, Ireland, in February 2020. Participants discovered the good practices introduced by the partnership during the Cork seminar and awarded “Senior Senior” as the best practice (Senior Senior is a mobility app developed in 2018 the rural areas of Normandy, France, in collaboration with local municipalities, to propose adapted mobility offers to older adults).

Support schemes available in the pandemic context

Stakeholders further discussed the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak for the Silver Economy. Agnieszka Krzaczkowska - Head of the Department of Coordination of the Regional Social Policy Centre - introduced some projects implemented in the pandemic to support service providers, including those targeting older and dependent adults. Ewa Kuzak-Plekaniec, from the ESF Department at the Marshal's Office presented the funds available for initiatives supporting older adults during the pandemic. Future available funds were also discussed, with Małgorzata Mizera-Wołowicz – Deputy Director of the Regional Operational Programme Management Department – presenting the new financial perspective for the period 2021-2027.