The Council of Teruel, which is leading SILVER SMEs, organised its 6th stakeholders meeting online on January 26, 2021 to discuss the progresses of SILVER SMEs with local actors. Around 15 people joined the meeting, ranging from health companies to SMEs developing services for older adults.

Teruel can be a test bed for the Silver Economy

During the meeting, stakeholders agreed on the fact that there are opportunities in the Province of Teruel to develop the Silver Economy sector. They also pointed that the sector could be a tool to differentiate the Province and promote this territory as a “silver Province”. In particular, stakeholders stressed the potential to develop technologies which could be prototyped and tested in the different municipalities of the Province, which can be a real testbed for innovation in the sector due to the ageing of its population.

Inspiration from the project’s best practices

Stakeholders also discussed the innovative aspect of the best practices selected by partners and assessed their replicability in the Province. In particular, the NurseCall service from Slovenia was appreciated by partners, pointed Bárbara Cerdán, Project Officer at the Province of Teruel.

Other good practices, based on home services, were welcomed by stakeholders, such as La Exclusiva in Soria and Hasta la Cocina in Burgos. These SMEs are supporting older adults and facilitating their lives at home by delivering essential products.

Finally, the most appreciated best practice for local stakeholders was “CoNSENSo - COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing Society” – a community care model developed within an Alpine Space project. Through the project, community nurses were trained and visited older adults at home to facilitate medical follow-up, but also to maintain social contact. “Obviously this initiative dates back to before the pandemic, when there was more availability of nurses and more possibility of doing door-to-door work and visits at home" commented Laura Gascón, Head of the project.

Next steps

The Province of Teruel is currently finalizing its Action Plan, which will aim at boosting the development of the Silver Economy in the Province, based on the observations and good examples collected since 2018.