On the 20-21st of October, the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) will host the online thematic seminar Slovak energy policies and innovations. The seminar is focused on Slovak national policies in the field of renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation and tools used for their successful implementation.

During the online seminar, you will have a chance to hear the members of Ministries of Slovakia as well guests from multiple associations presenting and highlighting various topics – from Slovak National plans and climate change development strategies to innovative startups leading towards a low carbon future and their support. 

The online seminar is a part of the Interreg Europe project – SHREC (SHifting towards Renewable Energy for Transition to Low Carbon Energy). 

Agenda highlights:

20.10.2020 Tuesday

  • Overview of Slovak national policies related to RES and EE
  • Climate change mitigation policies
  • Operational programme Quality of environment
  • Regional activities and development
  • Green buildings and Green renovation

21.10.2020 Wednesday

  • Support of Innovations in Slovakia
  • Energy storage and Hydrogen

Registration for the online seminar is HERE.

Picture: Shutterstock.com/peampath2812