The regional Development Found of Attica: Planned activities by the end of 2021

The Regional Development Fund of Attica will deeply focus on the Regional Action Plan that is influenced by the exchange of experience phase of the Scale Up project. This Plan is endorsed by the Scale Up Attica Regional Stakeholders’ Group (that was also involved during the planning period) and the ICAR director as the relevant policy responsible organisation on behalf the Managing Authority of Attica ROP 2014-2020.

It addresses the Regional Operational Programme of Attica 2014 – 2020 as policy instrument, specifically Thematic Objective 3: Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and Investment Priority 3c: Supporting the creation and the extension of advanced capacities for products, services and development.

The Scale Up Good Practice that was finally selected for transfer by the RDFA is: MoWiN Innovation Lab: Strategic networking to increase R&D projects and patent applications in Northern Hesse by the Regional Management Nordhessen GmbH, as it was the most transferable good practice to influence Attica’s Action Plan.

Mowin Innovation Lab has a strong positive transfer potential for the Region of Attica as it “fits” the Greek entrepreneurship culture and innovation ecosystem the best. Finally, it can also be directly connected to the selected policy instrument. The good practice’s simplicity and confidentiality will be embedded to the action plan that will add more content, based on the experience of the Archimedes Center and the University of Athens.

The action - project is called ’Inventor of the year’ and aims at:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship in academia
  • Accelerating technology transfer and entrepreneurial process from the initial idea to the final marketplace
  • Creating viable enterprises

RDFA representatives and stakeholders plan to hold a bilateral meeting in early July 2021 in Kassel, Germany to meet MOWIN’s stakeholders at the Technological Park in order to deep dive into this good practise before finalising Attica’s Action Plan.

This final version will be approved by the regional stakeholder group and the Attica Innovation Center (ICAR) on behalf the Managing Authority of the Attica ROP 2014-2020. A Greek version including all steps of the action will be prepared and the first dissemination activities are expected by the end of 2021. The Action Plan is expected to start before the spring of 2022.

By the end of 2021, RDFA and ICAR will organise at least one specific workshop - seminar (and in case of need due to the pandemic, a webinar) to present the Action Plan’s activities to various stakeholders of the region and explain its implementation steps.