Blockchain Innovation in Logistics and Beyond: An event putting the Innovation Lab into practice 

On July 7th at 4:00 p.m. (CEST) Innovation Lab, together with Regionalmanagement NordHessen, will launch the event Blockchain Innovation in Logistics and Beyond, where Blockchain-based innovations, as enablers for new applications in logistics, will be showcased. The aim of this event is to reflect the current state of development and sketch promising use-cases by experts from Germany and Singapore.

This event puts into practice the so-called MoWin Innovation Lab, a Best Practice developed by Regionalmanagement NordHessen, partner of the SCALE UP project. You cannot miss this unique international event that puts into practice years of work!

The SCALE UP Interreg Europe Project has taken more than 2 years of constant work, analysis and discussion among the members of the consortium. This has made it possible to deepen each of the Good Practices that the regions have devised, developed in the economy of their region and presented to the rest of the partnership. Among them is MoWiN Innovation Lab: Strategic networking to increase R & D projects and patent applications in Northern Hesse, already classified by SCALE UP as a Best Practice (BP).

This BP, which aims to identify cooperative R & D projects through targeted networking between companies and the university to increase R & D activities and improve SMEs’ competitiveness policies, has been developed in the city of Kassel, Nordhessen region, Germany.

It has been a source of inspiration for many of our partners, who are already interested in transferring it into their region. In every Interreg Europe Project, the good practices identified by the regions of the partnership during their exchange of experience activities are collected; and the best in the topic they work on are the ones that are submitted.

Thus, Regionalmanagement NordHessen arrived to the conclusion that there are still missing links in innovation ecosystems, among which we find the linkage of SMEs with the available expertise at universities. The MoWiN innovation lab provides a platform that contributes significantly to the development of well-functioning innovation systems by strengthening the university - industry link. In this lab, SMEs can present their in-house ideas to connect with additional partners or receive assistance in funding. It is considered as an extremely effective tool for triggering, supporting and enhancing industry collaboration. The initial idea is considered an effective and fruitful bet, and the format is well suited to be adapted to other cities and regions.

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