Nordhessen’s 3rd Stakeholder Meeting

On the 8th December, the third meeting with of the regional stakeholder action group of NordHessen took place in Hesse. Due to the Corona pandemic, it was not possible to organize a physical meeeting in Kassel so the German partner opted for a virtual one. The session was moderated by Stefan Roetzel, a stakeholder from the Science Park Kassel and Astrid Szogs, CEO of Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH and e.V..

After giving an overview about the current project status, three brainstorming sessions, where the participants reflected on the lessons that were learned in the past study visits, took place. Furthermore, they discussed which initiatives could be transferred to the region of Nordhessen. In this process, truly innovative thoughts and ideas came out. The process will continue with another stakeholder meeting in 2021.