SARURE’s partners have presented promotional and financial experiences linked to rural retail.  

On the whole, all partners have developped economic support programmes for SMEs by financing start-ups, by developping new added services such as home delivery of food  or even by making easier the access to loans. Furthermore, they have also presented marketing solutions for SMEs based on a public-private cooperation through programs to improve the competitiveness of trade and the consolidation of a network that enhances regional artisan products linked to tourism in the territory. 

The Government of Aragón, through its Department of Business Management and Commercial Promotion, has presented the Fairs as a formula of social and commercial revitalization in our region whereas the Provincial Government of Teruel has presented its support  for the installation and maintenance of Rural Multiservices and the funding  of half of the self-employed quota of people exclusively dedicated to rural area activities. 

The Chamber of Commerce of Teruel has provided the experience of "The Extended Store" boosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Zaragoza, a benchmarking project that was born in 2018 where the traders themselves, leaders in some key area of their business, are the ones who explain their experience to other companies in the sector in a relaxed and close format. 

The issuance of vouchers as a promotional measure to revive the local economy has also been explained as another good practice, which has already aroused the interest of several territories. 

Pending the return of face-to-face meetings to learn about all the experiences in situ, the SARURE project will work on the preparation of a COVID-19 impact report in each of the partner territories to have an overview of the effects that the pandemic will have on the commercial sector at European level. 

SARURE is the Rural Trade project carried out within the framework of the Interreg Europe Programme, led by the Chamber of Teruel and the Government of Aragón, which grouped 9 entities from 7 European countries to exchange successful experiences that encourage the maintenance of services in the rural environment and the improvement of their commercial activity.