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'Café Fía' community café project in Sligo (Ireland)


Community café as a social meeting place accessible to all in Coolaney, County...

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Rural Service Points pilot starting in South Karelia


Our Finnish partner from South Karelia is going to launch a Rural Service Points...

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How to boost entrepreneurship in rural areas?


A new Policy Brief about ‘How to boost entrepreneurship in rural areas?’ has...

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Remember the 'forgetfulness' Shops


The Chamber of Commerce, Industrie and Services of Teruel launches the...

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Confinement resurfaces trade in villages


Management-driven multiservice stores win customers and some have had to hire...

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Covid-19: temporary measures for our project


Covid-19 preventive measures to continue our project activities online,

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SARURE return to Pilot Areas


The UWM identify other initiatives active in pilot areas that can lead to...

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SARURE's third Newsletter is out!


Third #SARURE Project Newsletter is launched! 'Working together, solutions come...

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Greek developments to support retail and SMEs


The Region of Western Macedonia have identified developments to support retail...

Type: Project

New way of thinking needed in retail services


In Finland basic services contain essentially shops and markets offering food...

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Greek partner in #EURegionsWeek


Our Greek partner participates in the European Week of Regions and Cities in...

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SARURE Project meeting in Söderhamn (Sweden)


The 25th and 26th September 2019 we had another SARURE project meeting in...

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