On 31st January 2020 was celebrated the first stakeholder group meeting in Teruel, SP.

Some of the project activities were discussed by the participants like the future project Info Day. It is proposed as an interesting day to celebrate the Castle Day that this year 2020 will be in Cutanda (Anniversary of the Battle of Cutanda), predictably the penultimate weekend of June. As a commemoration of this day there will be talks, an exhibition, a photography contest.

After that an open work table on the project and contributions took place. 

The technicians of the Provincial Deputation of Teruel present what the Good Practices (GP) are and what they consist of.

First, the approval cycle of a GP is explained, as well as the data necessary to complete the template. GPs must consider different points: transferability to other territories, influencing policies, being novel and having verifiable results. The Interreg Europe projects are about the territories sharing information through the GPs. 

Also, some examples of GP were discussed. Dissemination of how a private company works that carries out its actions with sustainability through talks and publications. Actors' meetings to directly participate in the design of offers. Support groups for new entrepreneurs. 

After the exchange of opinions, the participants are summoned to a new meeting in the next 6 months.