The Lead partner of RFC project (Ústí Region, CZ) arranged the meeting of stakeholders on January 7th, 2020. All invited stakeholders and experts participated. The project was introduced and explained, together with the introduction of EU partners, planned activities, expected outputs and role and involvement of regional stakeholders in the project implementation. All participants expressed their interest to be included and welcome the possibility to meet and discuss the issues given to them by the project, as this provides the chance to coordinate the activities and to develop the joint plans. Mayor of the fortress city stressed the necessity of such cooperation, Terezín fortress is a huge complex, impossible is to be financed and managed only by the City, support by national institutions is crucial.

The main issues to be followed in the project: Improved communication with respective ministries in the way to develop plans of future utilisation of historical buildings for deposits of collections, necessity to focus on regional and national visitors, so the improved marketing, this is closely linked with the completion of the application to be included into UNESCO list. The SV in Antwerp, BE, was presented - utilisation of the boat transfers to the fortress, which increases the interest of people to travel there for weekends, because the small port design close to the Terezín fortress in currently under development and it is expected to be realised within 2-3 years, so this good practice is planned to be implemented.