On the 23rd January 2020, the North-West Regional Development Agency held its first regional stakeholders group meeting within the Recapture the Fortress Cities project. The event took place in the beautifully restored Tailors’ Tower, part of Cluj-Napoca medieval fortress, now included in the tourist circuit as a Center for Urban Culture.

The meeting gathered more than 20 participants from Northern Transylvania, representing local authorities managing heritage sites, museums, history research institutes, universities and associations active in archaeology, architecture, urbanism and cultural heritage.

The meeting focused on the objectives of the project, including a timeline for past and future activities, methodology and expected results. Also, an integrated vision of RFC project in relation to the development of cultural tourism in the region was discussed, together with the organizations part of the LSG.

Moreover, a session of "study visits” held at the kick-off meeting in Antwerp, Belgium was presented, followed by the Romanian "good practice” of Oradea Fortress, part of the LSG and also one of the North-West region attractions.

The last part of the meeting was focused on different topics relevant to the heritage sector in Northern Transylvania (fortresses and Roman castra), such as financing, in order to have more benefiting actors from the sector in the region.