The fourth Study Visit of RESOR project took place between the 5th and the 7th of February 2020. Project partners and their stakeholders came together in Ioannina, Epirus region from Greece, for mutual learning of good practices on measures to support energy efficiency and the use of renewables in companies.

The first day 20 participants from the partners and stakeholders circle met to interchange good practices on how to best implement policy measures to support companies in order to improve their energy efficiency and increase their use of renewables. A best practice which was evaluated as highly replicable is a solution from PV Solar Community Buildings that gains an affordable access to renewable energy through a community network of photovoltaic systems.

The field visit was undertaken the second day. All the participants had the opportunity to visit a bioenergy plant, built to ensure the environmentally sound management of waste from poultry farms and pig farms, which would otherwise cause significant environmental problems in the nearby area. Partners and stakeholders also received firsthand information about the Gallet project. This project is aimed at elaborating an appropriate jointly developed approach to mobilize local businesses and residents for their effective involvement into the sustainable energy development. Finally, the participants visited the first multistory building in Epirus, located near the city centre of Ioannina. This project demonstrates the feasibility of extra energy efficient buildings and transfers know-how in the local market regarding the 'Passive house' building standards.

Finally, the last day was dedicated to the 3rd Steering Committee meeting.

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