The third study visit of the RESOR project takes place between the 18th and the 20th of September 2019. Project partners and their stakeholders will meet on the island of Cyprus for mutual learning of good practices on measures to support energy efficiency and the use of renewables in companies.

Project partners and stakeholder will meet during the first day to interchange best practices on how to support companies in improving their efficiency in energy and to increase the use of renewables.

 The field visit will be undertaken the second day, there partners will know in first hand some solutions in energy efficiency that are carried out in Cyprus. Participants will visit a centre of excellence in energy that act as a structure where world-standard R&D work can be performed, as well as a very well known Cyprus brewery that uses the state of the art-brewing technology and energy efficiency measures.

 Finally, during the third day, an interregional workshop will be held to discuss the lessons learnt and with the aim to select good practices for the partner regions.