REPLACE partner safely gathered on the 8th of October 2020 for the 6th web meeting.

The consortium decided to dedicate a web meeting to the exchange of experience for the best practice and barriers identification on the 10/12/2020 h 11.00 CET

and to revise the implementation plan to keep up with all the planned activities, considered the COVID-19 limitations and the greater efforts in term of staff-cost; to this end, a dedicated discussion on a first revised draft will be held in the next web meeting of the 12/11/2020 h 11.00 CET.

The upcoming calendar of Semester 3 is updated as follows:

responsible partners

Local Analysis

12/11/2020 h11 CET

Good practice and Barriers
exchange of experience

10/12/2020 h11 CET
Veltha + Lodzkie +

Funding Synergies

14/01/2020 h11 CET
Crete + NERDA
The web meeting proceeded with the introduction of the Action Plan development, presentations are available at the dedicated folder in the Library Section.