After the summer break, #replaceteam has opened the 3rd semester with a remote event, to respect both the safety guidelines and the travel restrictions.

REPLACE 5th online gathering tackled the following:

REPLACE partners arranged the topics, the calendar and the shared responsibilities over the 'semester 3 Covid-19 implementation plan' and the deadline for the internal discussion of the 1st draft of the Local Analysis was shifted to the 12/11/2020 (to this end, a dedicated Google Drive folder was created to collect and share the proceedings).

Moreover, #replaceteam decided to overcome the barriers imposed by COVID-19 pandemic by organizing internal seminars (most-likely held online) to present and debate the developed circular economy assessment criteria with the interested staff-members and the relevant managing authorities. 

REPLACE partners agreed to ask for an extension of the project duration to the Interreg Europe Joint Secretary in order to understand how to manage the planned interregional cooperation exchanges. Meanwhile, the Consortium acknowledged the impossibility to travel for the foreseen semester 3 events but reserved the decision whether to eliminate or postpone the meetings to a later time, when more details and guidelines regarding the expected modus operandi toward the interregional event will be disclosed.

Ultimately, #replaceteam closed the meeting by renovating its efforts for the #EURegionsWeek by summarizing and discussing the upcoming duties connected to the 3 planned partner events: