On the 26th of November, the KultAkt Association organized an online conference "Work in Institutions or (Self) Employment in 2020" which was intended for students of social sciences and humanities.

The aim of this conference was to provide information on the basic concepts related to finding a job and entering the labor market and the popularization of science. Lecturers who have taken the first step towards starting and developing entrepreneurial activities and people from different cultural and creative industries attend the conference. Participants of this virtual event were experts from the fields of finance, creative entrepreneurship, marketing, organization of cultural events and cultural management.

Representatives of Enter Sanja Premec Sušanj and Vesna Vrhovec presented the "Incubator of creative industries – the one-stop-shop for business digitization“ and Region Arts one of their main project connecting ARTS and ICT. This was a great opportunity to talk with experts from different fields, to hear about their challenges and elaborate on RegionArts findings.