Following the absolutely successful events of 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019, the Hellenic Design Centre – powered by RegionArts’ partner KEPA – organised the 5th International Conference InnovationID (Innovation Investing in Design) online on November 18th 2020.

Innovation ID aims at analysing Design as a method of solving challenges by placing the end-user at the centre of the whole process, through the presentation of innovative approaches that are being used by leading companies all over the world.

During this year’s event, new trends, tools, case studies and methods of 'Design-Driven Innovation' were presented within a programme of 3 axes:

  • ‘Service design’
  • ‘Design Value / More than metrics’
  • ‘Design and Businesses in the New Era, are you ready?’

Design is all about creative problem solving, so RegionArts project could not possibly be absent from this major event of 9 speeches, 12 presenters and more than 490 attendants!