Porto Design Factory – Porto Global Hub is designing a unique space for building collaborative networks, matchmaking artists and SMEs, and showcasing innovative initiatives. ICT Meets the ARTS Porto Region will explore the multifaceted contributions that the merger of ICT and the Arts can deliver to foster competitiveness and innovation in SMEs.   

The event is free of charge and open to all artists, SMEs and entrepreneurs, students and academics, who are looking to experience a unique concept where creativity, artistic talent and technology are intertwined since they often face similar challenges from the creation to the materialization of their creative ideas.   

Joins us and learn from the project’s and other stakeholders’ activities, exchange experiences in Arts/ICT. 

  • [Speakers]:

            Miguel Pinho, RegionArts project Coordinator and Porto Polytechnic Pro-President for             Research and Innovation, PORTIC

            Manuel Barros, Executive Director, Porto Global Hub

            Júlia Fernandes, Councilor for Education, Culture and Social Action, Vila Verde City Council

            Rafael Pedrosa, Science Manager, StarUp Porto

            Ana Fonseca, RegionArts scientific and technical coordination, Porto Design Factory

            Pedro Figueiredo, Head of the Project Coordination Division and Institutional Networks,             CCDR-N

            Céu Filipe, Project Manager Enterprise Europe Network, AEP

            Pedro Guerreiro, Director of the Entrepreneurship area, ANJE

            Fátima São Simão, Head of Arts Development, UPTEC

            Carla Mouro, President of the Executive Comission, Fundação da Juventude

            Daniela Monteiro, Head of Entrepreneurship), Porto Digital

            Luís Coquenão, Artistic Director, Bienal Internacional de Arte Jovem de Vila Verde

            Joana Miranda, Executive Coordinator, Braga Media Arts

            Luís Fernandes, Artistic Director, GNRation / Semibreve

            Vera Araújo, C.M. Santo Tirso, Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

  • [Moderator]:

            Júlio Magalhães, Director Porto Canal

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