Dr. Eleni Anoyrkati, a representative of the RECREATE Project Lead Partner Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, attended and delivered a presentation at the dissemination event “Innovation in Transportation: main trends and merging opportunities” on 12th December 2019 at the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce in Greece.

The INNOTRANS project – Enhancing transport innovation capacity of regions – aims at identifying transport innovation potential in the participating regions and developing guidelines for policy interventions and Actions Plans. At the end of phase 1, a dissemination event was organised around the theme of Innovation in Transport focusing on the potential of the sector and the main future trends.

Dr. Anoyrkati delivered a presentation about the most important global trends that affect the achievement of sustainable mobility that included some of the findings generated by the RECREATE project. The rest of the event focused on Big Data in transport, optimisation of scale transport networks, technological development of autonomous vehicles. The case study of Thessaloniki Port showing a "track" of tests for innovation was also presented.

The event was an interesting opportunity for the RECREATE Team to explore future opportunities in transport and discuss policies in the sector.