Which is the most relevant and interesting practice you have visited and why?

"My name is Carolina Magnusson and I work as a business developer at the site World Heritage Grimeton in Sweden. I work as a business developer at World Heritage Site.

I thought the introduction from Hortobágy was interesting mostly the different activities they do for young people when it comes to local traditions. We are ourselves trying to work with young people to engage them because if they do not have the interest, it is very difficult to preserve this kind of sites for the future. What I would like to know more about from these activities with young people is how the process works because I understand that this site is governmental owned this is a bit different from our site because Grimeton is privately owned. So, how does the process work? How do they reach the target group? How are the activities financed in different ways? So, this is what I would like to know about more. And also, I would like to know more about the site how they work with balancing their unique values with commercialising. Because it would be difficult balancing those two things which we know when working with different activities for visitors here in Grimeton. So, I think if they have any good examples how to reach the young people, and how they balance unique values with commercialising I think definitely that we can implement this in our own work.

What I learned from the study visit at Hortobágy was that we have many things in common and we work somehow to the same goals as world heritage sites but we have also different prerequisites but to know more about the different activities they do, I think we can also implement some things and good examples from Hortobágy."