The meeting was attended by the following stakeholder:

  • Order of Architects
  • Unimore University
  • CRPA
  • Agricultural association “Api Libere”
  • Municipality of Reggio Emilia
  • E35 Foundation

Participants: 10 people

The local stakeholders' meeting was held during the afternoon session of the study visit to Debrecen. The presentation of the good practices from the city of Debrecen opened up new perspectives and ideas concerning the sustainable development of peri-urban areas.

In particular, the good practice of Zsuzsi Railway inspired the discussion on a different use of the minor railway lines connecting the city to its suburbs. As in Debrecen, such local railways could be used to enhance the surrounding area also from a touristic point of view. This seems particularly interesting for Reggio Emilia due to the fact that the City is investing in the realization of a tramway line to foster sustainable mobility from the periphery to the city center. This could lead to a shift in the way Reggio Emilia intends sustainable and soft mobility, which is traditionally linked to cycling and pedestrian connections but can also be enhanced through a different conception of existing infrastructures.

Other connections between Reggio Emilia and Debrecen were also found in the good practice by Envirosense Hungary Ltd about the use of the GIS system to support the sustainable urban planning of the city, also with a focus on green areas.