The 2nd Stakeholders Meeting of the PriMaaS project partners in Portugal took place on 14th July. The meeting was attended by relevant stakeholders who work daily in the Centre Region on the theme of transport and came to give their contribution on the various topics addressed during the meeting, namely Jorge Brito, Executive Secretary of CIM Coimbra Region who talked about “Impact of COVID-19 in public transports of CIM Coimbra Region”, João Marrana, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metro Mondego, SA who talked about “Tariff Integration as a Catalyst for Change”, João Lino, Commercial and Development Director of Transdev who approached the subject “Impact of COVID-19 on Transdev” and Pedro Jesus, responsible for the "Digitization, Operational Projects and Sales Network" area integrated in the "Operations and Commercial" organ in CP who talked about "Intelligent Mobility: challenges and implications"


The discussion was mostly focused on the Portuguese context, bringing together different contributions and experiences from stakeholders pioneers in the concept of mobility as a service who discussed the challenges for regional transport systems and the future of MaaS platforms in the post-pandemic period.

In the following link you can watch the video of the recorded meeting. In  the same folder you can find the continuation of the questions and answers put to the speakers, which were answered later, once the meeting time limit was reached. Both are in Portuguese: