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On the 26th of November, the second Belgian stakeholder meeting took place in the Bulskampveld landscape park
Type: Project
Kainnun Etu and Regional Council of Kainnu - insights from the peer review and experiences from interregional cooperation
Type: Project
The target of the Climate and Energy Programme of North Karelia region is to reduce GHG emissions by 80% to the levels of 2007.
Type: Project
The development of wood processing industry in Kantola industrial estate is the long-term goal of the Kuhmo city.
Type: Project
After learning more about Satakunta's climate policies, as a preparation to the 3rd TLJ we focus on circular economy and bioeconomy policies - part 2
Type: Project
What are the strengths of Satakunta? Its challenges? Discover it in the final episode offering SWOT highlights.
Type: Project
Take a look at this article on pre-commercial procurement and how it can support developing innovation capacity.
Type: Platform
For two days in June, the Gävleborg region was host to cluster enthusiasts of seven European countries. They all started monday morning
Type: Project
International thematic workshop “How to increase social acceptance of bioenergy policies” in Romania
Type: Project
On 18 of June representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia organised iWatermap stakeholder meeting.
Type: Project