Promoting Donegal nationally & internationally as a superb location for remote workers with ideal work spaces and multiple supports
The Remote Working Strategy for Donegal aims to promote County Donegal as an ideal and superb location for remote workers by emphasizing the wide range of alternative work spaces available throughout the County, the supports available to remote workers, the talent pool and the infrastructure and connectivity available across the County.
Under the vision statement of “Donegal a superb location of choice for remote working”, the strategy is structured under 5 areas of intervention:
1. Workspaces: to give response to the need for accessible and affordable co-working spaces including digital hubs and other flexible coworking solutions
2. Promotion: to give response to the need to promote Donegal as a great location for remote working and to raise awareness among employees and employers in a targeted and effective manner.
3. Support: support for both employers and employees, has been identified as a key requirement in the positioning of Donegal as a great location for remote working.
4. Talent: Access to talent is a key influencing factor for employers when considering remote working opportunities and there is a need to have information on talent and skills availability in the region.
5. Infrastructure and connectivity: The availability of good quality infrastructure such as broadband, mobile phone coverage, childcare services, education, housing, recreational amenities, libraries, cultural services and so on contribute significantly to the quality of life aspect of living

Resources needed

The actions which will support the strategy implementation are funded by different sources including existing programmes run by organisations like Donegal County Council, Údarás na Gaeltachta, Enterprise Ireland & other public-private initiatives. The amount required vary depending on the action.

Evidence of success

Evidence is being gathered

Potential for learning or transfer

This is a good practice with potential to be transferred to those regions interested in attracting people and business to their remote areas. The key successful factors are good coordination, involvement of key stakeholders with specific role in the socio-economic development of the remote areas and their communities and, the effective management of existing resources (human and capital).
Main institution
Donegal County Council
Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)
Start Date
July 2021
End Date


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