The bicycle parking Utrecht Stationsplein is a modern bike parking facility with currently 12,500 parking spots, making it the biggest in the world.
The Central Station in Utrecht is the busiest train station in the Netherlands. Every day during rush hours, bike-clogged streets crowded out foot traffic. To improve the quality of space around the train station, no bikes should be parked on street level. This led city officials to redeveloping the whole Central Station area. The project is called CU2030. To solve the mobility issue, the municipality of Utrecht wanted a solution that would ease congestion and transform the surrounding station square neighbourhood, whereas the National Railways aimed for improving the connection between the train and other modalities. Thereby, the largest bike parking facility of the world was designed and built right next to the train station. With space for 12,500 bikes, the area is prepared for an increased number of passengers. To motivate cyclists to use the parking facility, the time it takes to park the bicycle should be limited. The parking facility is open 24/7. Electric signs tell its users where they parked their bicycle so they can find it back easily. The first 24h people can park their bike for free, after that they pay € 1,25 per day, automatically distracted from their personal public transportation card. Cyclist can cycle into the garage, right to the spot where they park their bicycle. When leaving the garage, they step right into the train station, bus station, shopping mall or business area, creating a smooth connection for train passengers arriving by bike.

Resources needed

Ca. 30 million EUR
- ProRail 60 %
- Municipality of Utrecht 20 %
- Dutch Ministry of Instrastructure 20 %

Evidence of success

Promotion of carbon-neutral mobility is supported in two ways: 86% of Utrechters say they are satisfied with the guarded bicycle parking facilities at Utrecht CS. In August 2019, when the parking facility was opened, the proportion of dissatisfied Utrechters about the guarded bicycle parking facilities at Utrecht CS has decreased slightly from 6% to 5%.
There is a high numbers of users of the facility.

Potential for learning or transfer

Easy to use and easily accessible bike parking facility.
Full of daylight and lighting to increase (feeling of) safety.
Integrated perfectly in the nighboring infrastructure of the city (such as train station).
Signposts and electric signs guides users to available spots.
In the middle of the city.
Motivates people to use the bike and train, meaning it improves intermodality.
Main institution
Municipality of Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date
June 2019


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