Our goal is to prepare, promote and create a unique community of digital nomads in the Madeira Islands, while boosting the local social & economical impact.
This initiative was developed by the Regional Government of Madeira, Startup Madeira and Gonçalo Hall (digital nomad hub), it aims to help digital nomads choose Madeira Islands as their destination to work and live in. Our goal has been to prepare the ground for, promote and create a unique community of digital nomads in Madeira Islands, whilst at the same time boosting the local social & economical impact of this new and important group.

Together with local private organisations, business and entrepreneurs, we have facilitated the access of digital nomads both the local & nomad community by offering:
• Free working space (Ponta do Sol);
• List of working spaces;
• List of local accommodation;
• Exclusive social & cultural events;
• Local hosts;
and by other measures to optimise local social & economical impact.

Resources needed

The project has been run mostly by 3 staff. The Madeira Regional Government has provided all the financial support to establish and equip the co-working areas and promotion activities.

Evidence of success

- Since November 2020, we’ve received over 7570 registrations from 105 countries;
- People from 18 to 83 years old have registered to participate in this project;
- Since February 2021, we have welcomed over 2600 digital nomads to the Madeira Islands;
- This been covered in multiple international-news outlets for more than 80 times (Cable TV, newspapers, magazines, online news sites, ...).

Difficulties encountered

-to create a website very quickly;
- Prepare the free working space (furniture, electrical connections [more power outlets] and increase the Wi-FI signal (strong internet connection);
- The current travel restrictions worldwide means that most digital nomads are limited in their travel opportuniti

Potential for learning or transfer

This GP knowledge and experience is easily transferable, clearly the availability of financial support will depend on the destination.
Main institution
Startup Madeira
Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal
Start Date
November 2020
End Date


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