Donation of good conditions objects no longer needed by owners to be sold in second hand stores, achieving the temporal contracting of people in risk of exclusi
The good practice is an action organized by Cogersa in close collaboration with Emulsa.
The activity was framed in the European Week for Waste Reduction and it had the objective of the collection of home appliances of different types that their owners no longer used or kept in a storage room, or would be managed as waste, but however they were in good condition for another citizen to give them a second life.
We talk about bikes, electronic devices, toys and childhood material, books, small furniture, etc.
To do this, a large container was installed in each cas of Asturias and the citizens leave there the objects.
The action was carried out in collaboration with a non-profit entity, Emaus Riquirraque, so all the chattles and objects collected were donated to this company, which, after reviewing them, put up for sale in its second hand stores.
With the benefits obtained, Emaus generated contracts to people at risk of exclusion.
In this way each kilo collected becomes about 5 minutes of social employment. This campaign was carried out for two consecutive years, always in the framework of the european week for waste reduction, in november 2015 (twenty fifteen) and october 2016 (twentysixteen)

Resources needed

One big container (30-34m3) in each CAS

Evidence of success

8.300 kg in 2015
36.700 min = 15,3 weeks social employment
15.000 kg in 2016 (2.800 kg Gijón)
75.000 min = 31 weeks social employment

Difficulties encountered

Blocks of citizens to use second hand items, such as higyene.
Second hand web pages where you may obtain money from your goods may seem more attractive than donating. Many people still do not understand that using second hand objects is a new way of consumption full of benefits for society.

Potential for learning or transfer

Potential green employment. Conversion to employment of people at risk of social exclusion.
This experience served as the basis for a long term and permanent project in EMULSA. From this experience EMULSA developed THE REUSAPP SPACE, that started in June 2018. This space is situated in one of the four CAS of Gijón, where citizens may bring objects they no longer use but ares still in good condition so can have a second new life.
Circular economy.
Main institution
Principado de Asturias, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2015
End Date
October 2016


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