The HWM Program provides the public with increased recycling opportunities as waste that can now be separated and recycled increases significantly.
With the implementation of the new “Holistic Waste Management” program, the municipality aims to achieve the transformation of waste into valuable raw materials, as most waste is recycled.
At the same time, the fixed, annual waste collection fee charged to every citizen today is abolished and the municipality introduces a  variable payment  method. The charge is relative only on to the amount of mixed waste that is not diverted to recycle streams.
Citizens can significantly reduce the cost of waste they have been paying for, with the implementation of the Limit – Reuse – Recycle – Save philosophy.
The Holistic Waste Management Program of the Municipality includes Seven “Streams” as follows:
- Composting: The home composting bin is provided free of charge by the Municipality to any citizen who has a garden and is interested.
-PMD: The special PMD transparent bag is available in many outlets (supermarket kiosks, etc.) and its costs are similar to conventional waste bags.)
- Paper Recycling: The special brown bag is available in many outlets (supermarket kiosks, etc.) and its cost is similar to conventional garbage bags.
-Glass Recicling:
- Bulky items: use of the “Green Point” by citizens which is free of charge.
- Green Recycling: Citizens can buy the special paper bags for €1.50 at the defined points of sales.
- Residual Waste: The Municipality now charges the collection of waste only through the charge of this bag.

Resources needed

Municipal Services
Sub-contractors (private entities and NGOs)
Structures and equipment (e.g. Green Point, collection trucks and services, specific bins etc.)
Budgetary details – to be available within the 1st semester 2021.

Evidence of success

Key stakeholders, students and citizens have embraced the initiative from the very begginning.

More information (quantities, budgetary, reduction, reuse) will be available within the 1st semester 2021.

Key success Factors:
Awareness raising for citizens
Present information in a simple and interesting way

Potential for learning or transfer

Reuse has the highest priority in the European waste hierarchy.
The Holistic Waste Management Program – Municipality of Aglantzia (Nicosia) is a simple, understandable and an adaptable concept which can be built by other local or regional authorities.
Main institution
Municipality of Aglantzia & Department of Environment
Κύπρος, Cyprus (Κυπρος)
Start Date
January 2020
End Date


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