Municipality of Burgas has implemented new waste management schemes and practices that provided better planning, control and overall management.
Burgas municipality has innovative and proactive waste management policy. For the better service of the citizens and tourists, a new system that upgrades the previous collection and disposal scheme is implemented. The system includes new information system, transportation vehicles, bins for separate collection and underground points, treatment facilities and communication tools. Every bin has identification code and the authorities are informed for the maintenance of every point.
New transfer stations and treatment facilities have been constructed – separation and recycling station, composting , construction and nonhazardous waste disposal facility, eco-park for bulky waste, hazardous waste and specific waste streams from households. New biogas facility for organic waste is under construction. Special recycle points had been introduced, simultaneously the producer responsibility schemes are implemented with all operators for specific wastes – packaging, electric and electronic equipment, tires, used oils, wood and textile, batteries and accumulators. Autoclave equipment for medical and hospital wastes and separate scheme for sludge from WWT plant. A new project “Innovation techniques and methods for reducing marine liter in Black sea” started in 2020.
New information and communication program is providing adequate communication and information for citizens and assuring their active participation and respond.
Stakeholders involved: citizens, companies, waste operators

Resources needed

Investments for the waste management system development are provided through different Operational Programs at the total amount of € 19,2 mln with own contribution of 20%. The annual budget for running the system is € 15 mln provided trough municipal budget, collected mainly from waste taxes.

Evidence of success

Burgas Municipality completely replaced old containers with new bins for separate collection, new machines and intelligent monitoring and control system. It provides 3 times faster operation.

Existing waste management facilities are efficiently maintained, new ones have been constructed and some new ones are either planned or under construction.

The quantity and quality of the recycling materials is increasing annually: +30% separate waste collected % compared to the previous period.

Difficulties encountered

Overall control on operations and implementation of different measures should be paid in summer period, when the number of tourist is increasing significantly. Strict control on marine areas, littering from ships and boats is a must. Citizens must be informed. Cooperation between all stakeholders.

Potential for learning or transfer

The long-time experience on developing appropriate municipal waste management policy is good achievement that should be shared with other municipalities. Good management is not matter of financial resources, than human resources and smart planning and implementation of appropriate measures for every different waste stream, different urban areas, and different neighbourhoods. Good communication of the authorities with citizens, helped to be achieved such a good result. The problems with wastes are very common for all parties and having complex approach to these problems is a basis for good achievements and higher satisfaction of customers.
Main institution
Burgas Municipality
Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
March 2018
End Date


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