Rental of turnkey solar self-consumption installation, providing any family with access to the benefits of self-consumption with no initial investment
It has been detected that citizens need easy and simple mechanisms, turnkey, that do not require large payments when switching to the use of solar self-consumption in their homes.

QUANTICO Rental is a formula for complete access to self-consumption and its benefits, with the possibility of acquiring ownership at any time, and which integrates 3 aspects:

• Technical: solar self-consumption installation with 20 years of warranty, including full maintenance of the installation. Data of previous savings is provided to be assessed by the user.

• Financial: immediate savings on the electricity bill and financing assumed by Quantum through the rental contract that establishes a monthly fee (introductory offer of 1€ for the first 3 months). The standard monthly fee ranges from 25-40€, depending on the user's real energy needs.

• Environmental: 100% renewable green energy consumption.

The QUANTICO Rental is a practical case of how to apply the ESCO model in social housing and renewable energy. The Public Administrations, in particular, the public managers of social housing, both regional and local, can find in this ESCO model a way to finance the actions of renewable energy in said housing. It is important to remember that the ESCO model is a formula for public-private collaboration that, although it has been developed in other settings of Public Administrations, there are still few experiences in the field of public housing and vulnerable groups.

Resources needed

• 12 full-time staff
• 250,000€, equivalent to approx. 50 projects.

Evidence of success

20 projects implemented during 2020:
• Installed power: 65.8 kWp
• Kg CO2 avoided: 109,900 kg/year
• Overall first year net savings: 7,070 €/year
• Total net savings 25 years: 334,950 €.
• Employment generated: 6 technicians and installers of photovoltaic energy.

Difficulties encountered

• Citizens associate self-consumption solar installations with high investments and complex legalisation and installation procedures, as well as expensive and unknown maintenance work.
• Dissemination of the model is necessary and requires time for users to overcome the psychological resistance.

Potential for learning or transfer

Its replication potential is high due to that the mentioned obstacles such as the large initial investment or the long and tedious legalisation procedures are absolutely assumed by Quantum instead of by the user, who benefits directly from the advantages of self-consumption, reducing their electricity bill and empowering themselves energetically.

ESCO model is rarely present in the field of public housing and vulnerable groups, so there is transfer potential for the Administration to implement this initiative.

The transfer to any type of geographical area and to any residential or community sector is absolutely feasible, allowing to promote the Energy Transition in an integral way and to include all social groups without exception in this process: an indispensable factor to successfully address the structural change in the productive system demanded by our societies in the 21st century.

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Main institution
Quantum Energía Verde
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
August 2020
End Date
September 2021


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