System supports industrial digital transform. through: raising awareness, networking, access to demonstrative labs, audit and consultancy, customer support.
Silesia Smart System collaborates with technology 4.0 suppliers and support digital transformation in industrial companies as follows:
- Creating digital awareness in the companies
- Conferences, trainings, workshops, business meetings
- Publishing and releasing the information materials in various media feeds
- Industry 4.0 case studies
- Educating about disruptive technologies and emerging trends
- Networking
- Conferences
- Thematic meetings
- Brokerage (technology supplier – customer)
- Formal and informal contacts animation
- Giving access to demonstrative laboratories
- Laboratories and experts
- Industry 4.0 demo-lab
- Auditing and consultancy
- Digital maturity assessment – basic audit
- Detailed examination of the whole organization – in-depth audit
- Feasibility study and implementation recommendations – in-depth audit
- Customer support
- Disseminate information on Industry 4.0 projects
- Initiating knowledge sharing among companies with digital transformation on-board
- Animating formal and informal contacts between technology providers and customers.

Resources needed

Staff - multidisciplinary team of experts. Office infrastructure. Conference and training rooms. Hardware and proper software. Support from external experts and auditors hired as needed.

Evidence of success

Silesia Smart Systems guides companies through the digital transform.- they can become more aware of benefits and threats of digitisation, better plan and go through it, efficiently engage staff, establish more dynamic company (flexible, aware, quickly reacting to changes)
3 completed projects: SMART FACTORIES, Analysis of the Digital Innovation Hub, Developing the training method. and program. for Leaders and Advisors.
As part of pilot activities, 17 companies have been audited since 2018

Difficulties encountered

Dominance of the market by large players - lack of cooperation
No funds allocated to DIHs/ Competence Centres
No specific guidance on DIH criteria
Delays in the activities of the Future Industry Platform Foundation (national inst.)
Lack of SME funds for projects/implementation of I4.0 technology

Potential for learning or transfer

Our practices currently do, and systematically will contribute positively to SMEs development and to SMEs owners – by changing the way of thinking and encouraging business innovation and technological transformation processes. We believe that innovative approach and implementation of 4.0 solutions is not optional anymore – it is a must. And yet, we still observe very low level of digitalization and the urgent need for sharing the knowledge.
Silesia Smart Systems supports industrial enterprises that want to carry out a digital transformation using Industry 4.0 technology or are considering changing the business model and implementing intelligent products using digital technologies.
Main institution
Marshal´s Office of Silesian Voivodeship
Śląskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
February 2018
End Date


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