Regional call for proposals establishing training vouchers for Managers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals aimed at updating skills in industry 4.0
The Tuscany Region has created training vouchers reserved for specific categories: entrepreneurs and freelancers and business managers.
As far as entrepreneurs and professionals are concerned, the call finances training courses aimed at
- acquire useful knowledge to develop a propensity to invest in innovation.
- exploit the potential of new technologies and promote the development of less energy-intensive and polluting production systems.
- adopt new models of work organization and human resources management, as tools able to promote innovation processes and the participation and well-being of workers.
- The maximum amount that can be financed for each voucher is 3,000 euros for entrepreneurs and 2,000 euros for freelancers.
As far as managers are concerned, the call finances interventions aimed at:
- develop, strengthen, and update the skills necessary for the management and management of the company or professional activity.
- acquire knowledge useful to develop a propensity to invest in innovation.
- to face paths of technological, organizational, managerial, process/product innovation and business models that allow taking advantage of opportunities for business and professional growth.
- The maximum amount of the individual voucher is 2.000 euro. The minimum cost of the training path covered by the voucher must be at least € 200.

Resources needed

6.5 million euros for managers and entrepreneurs
5 million euros for professionals

Evidence of success

146 training vouchers for managers
770 training vouchers for entrepreneurs
3,000 vouchers for professionals

Difficulties encountered

The most relevant challenge was initially related to communicate and spread the tool and have feedbacks from the proper stakeholders: making the instrument and its potential known on the one hand, and on the other hand to effectively involve the vouchers' users right from the start.

Potential for learning or transfer

Training vouchers have as a distinctive feature compared to a training course the greater flexibility and ability to cover a greater number of themes. This makes it possible to create ad hoc training tools able to exploit the wide range of potential offered by new technologies. A further winning element is the transversality of training vouchers that can be used not only in accredited professional training centers, but also within regional universities.

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Main institution
Tuscany region
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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